Tisdale Lab @ MIT

nanoscale energy transport



Our laboratory consists of 1850 ft2 of space on the 1st floor of Building 66 (rooms 125 and 163) on the MIT main campus. This space includes 2 wet lab spaces and an interior environment-controlled laser lab with two large optical bays. Click on a picture below to interact.





Wet lab

  • 4 Fume Hoods
  • Schlenk Line
  • Large glove box with integrated spin coater, centrifuge, and freezer
  • Plasma cleaner, sonicator, oven, inspection microscope
  • In-house high-purity nitrogen distribution system
  • Agilent Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer with integrating sphere attachment
  • Fiber-coupled LEDs and spectrometers for benchtop visible and NIR photoluminescence measurement

Laser Lab

The ultrafast bay features:

  • 15’x9’x18” L-shaped floating optical table
  • 76 MHz ultrafast laser system with Ti:Sapphire oscillator and tunable OPO (Coherent Verdi V-18, Mira-HP, and Mira-OPO)
  • Nikon Eclipse TI-U Inverted Microscope with assorted objectives
  • Variable repetition rate (single shot to 200 kHz) one-box Yb Oscillator/Amplifier with dual tunable noncollinear optical parametric amplifiers (Spectra-Physics Spirit NOPA)
  • 600 mm, 220mm, and 150 mm delay lines
  • Fiber-coupled 500 mm spectrograph
  • High-speed linear cameras and electronics for visible and NIR
  • Zurich Instruments HF2LI and SRS 844 Lock-in Amplifiers, and SR400 Gated Photon Counter
  • Cryostat with transfer line, heater, and temperature controller

The not-so-fast bay features:

  • 14’x5’x24” floating optical table
  • Two Nikon Eclipse TI-U Inverted Microscopes with high-NA immersion objectives and high-quality dichroics and edge filters
  • Volume holographic grating notch filter for low-frequency Raman
  • 500 mm Spectrograph and CCD camera for photoluminescence and Raman
  • 405nm pulsed diode, 488nm, 532 nm, and 785 nm CW laser lines, and access to ultrafast lasers via fiber optics
  • Single photon counting avalanche photodiodes for visible and NIR and time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) electronics
  • Integrating sphere for quantum yield measurements
  • Microscope-compatible cryostat with temperature controller

Immediately adjacent to our lab is the Olsen Lab, which contains a suite of complementary capabilities in organic polymer synthesis and cell culture.

Other facilities that we regularly use: