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nanoscale energy transport


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Tisdale Lab members putting their best foot forward at postdoc Chana’s wedding! November 2023


We are a collaborative, ambitious, multi-disciplinary research team working (and having fun!) at the forefront of nanoscience & technology. We value creativity, attention to detail, and the safe, ethical conduct of research. We are delighted and inspired by the physical world and we look for others who share our enthusiasm!

As a lab, we also care about the mental and physical health of our students and postdocs, and we strive to create a positive, welcoming, and inclusive work environment.  We value diversity of our lab members in all forms and appreciate their backgrounds and opinions.  Our goal is for all members feel comfortable and encounter no barriers in expressing opinions, asking questions, and giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Graduate students are selected in the fall of their first year at MIT. We accept students from many disciplines, including Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics, and all fields of Engineering. Occasionally, we also welcome students from other groups within MIT who are looking to change research direction.

Outstanding postdoc candidates are encouraged to contact Professor Tisdale directly. Please send your CV along with a brief description of your previous research experience and future interests. Specific funded openings are sometimes available, however, there are many fellowship opportunities (particularly for foreign students seeking to study within the United States) that will afford you greater flexibility in your scientific pursuits and distinguish you professionally.

MIT offers an unrivaled atmosphere for scientific growth and enrichment. The confluence of so many outstanding academic departments in such a small geographic footprint generates an educational experience that is as broad as it is deep. We hope you will consider spending time with us.

Will beats us all at our first group 5K! May 2023